Documents Required For LLP Registration In India

September 18, 2019

Limited Liability Partnerships (LLP) come somewhere in between partnerships and companies in terms of working and legal standing. The most significant advantage that LLP provides entrepreneurs is that of restricted liability. While the failure of a company would result in possession of personal assets, entrepreneurs can rest assured that that will not happen with LLP. So are you an interested investor who wants to start an LLP? Well, then you are in the right place because we are going to be explaining how you can do so. Here’s a look at everything you need to know regarding documents required to register and run an LLP.

Why go for a Limited Liability Partnership Registration?

  1. Flexible operation
  2. Lesser compliances
  3. More security
  4. Limited liability and responsibility
  5. Tax benefits
  6. No restricted minimum capital
  7. No limit on the number of partners

Essential Documents required for registering LLPs 

Registration of an LLP requires documents from both the LLP standpoint and from an individual partner standpoint. So here are the two basic kinds of documents you will need.

  • Documents of the Partners
  • Documents of the Partnership Firm

    Documents of the Partners

    ID Proof

    All the partners of the LLP have to submit a primary ID proof. The PAN card is the normally used standard ID document and hence, all partners must have a valid PAN card. This must be attached along with the incorporation form.

    Address Proof

    As with most registrations, to incorporate an LLP, partners have to submit documents that prove their address or residence. You must ensure that the address in this document and the one on your PAN matches because otherwise, it leads to complications. Also, other details such as Father’s name, own name and Date of Birth must also match. If there are any differences, such as one document having your maiden name, and the other, your married name, in the case of women, then these changes must be rectified before registering. Documents you might submit as Address Proof  include:

    1. Voter’s ID
    2. Passport
    3. Driving License
    4. Aadhaar Card

    Residence Proof

    This is slightly different from your address proof because not only does this give evidence regarding your locality, it specifies exactly where you live. Hence, every partner must submit a document as residence proof. The following documents may be submitted as residence proof:

    • Most recent bank statement
    • Mobile or Telephone Bill copy
    • Gas/Water/Electricity Bill
    • Appropriate Lease Agreement

    Care must be taken to ensure that none of these bills is more than two months old. Also, the name of the Billee must be the same as the name mentioned on your PAN card.


    All partners must provide copies of their passport-sized photographs. While there is no strict specification regarding the size and resolution of the image, it is preferred that the photograph have a white background.

    For Foreign Nationals and NRIs

    Along with these documents, Non-resident Indians and foreigners are expected to submit their passport at the time of registration. Before doing so, they must ensure that the right authorities notarise their passport from their host country, or they may even approach the Indian Embassy in that country to get their passport authorised. Also, if these documents are in any language other than English, a translated copy must be submitted after gaining the right authorisation or notarization.

    Documents of LLP

    Registered Office Address Proof

    The partners must submit documents that specify the location of the LLPs registered office either at the time of registration or at least within 30 days of incorporation. In case the office is on rent, the agreement and a NOC from the designated owner must be submitted. The NOC works as the consent letter from the landowner indicating that he or she has no problems with the tenant, using the premises as the LLPs registered office. Bills which are submitted as proof must contain the office’s full and complete address and should not be older than two months at the least. A copy of the rent agreement on a stamp paper duly signed by the landlord and tenant must also be submitted.


    The passport is a mandatory identity proof for foreign nationals looking to be a partner in an Indian LLP. The passport needs to be notarised or apostilled by the relevant authorities in the country of origin or by an embassy for it to be valid. In case the passport is in a language other than English, a translated version in English, notarized or Apostilled, is to be submitted. Also, if the passport does not have the date of birth of the partner, an additional document proving the date of birth, with notarizations, needs to be submitted with the passport.

    Digital Signature Certificate

    At least one of the designated Partners must have registered and uploaded a Digital Signature Certificate so that it may be used as a sign of authorisation. All documents are certified issued by the LLP must be signed via this DSC. Hence, if the partners do not have a DSC, they must first apply for it before initiating the registration process.

    Documents for Addition/Removal of partners

    1. Passport size photograph of the new partner
    2. Self-attested/notarised PAN card
    3. Aadhar Card/ Voter ID/ Passport/ Driving License which acts as proof of address
    4. DSC of the new/resigning partner
    5. Copy of the LLP agreement
    6. Copy of the Amended agreement with the changed list of partner names

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