How to Check Public Documents of Company Registered in India

September 17, 2019

Procuring public documents of a Private Limited Company

To view Public Documents of any Company Registered in India, you need to pay Rs. 100 per Company

This process is very straightforward and simple and can it be done by yourself through MCA website (  :

  • Create an account at MCA Website because you need to have an account at MCA to access public documents facility.
  • Login to your Account : Login to your Account by punching userid and password
  • Go to MCA services and Select Document related Services – and View Public documents
  • Type Company name or CIN of Company
  • Select the Company for which you want to access the public documents
  • Check the Company Documents according to Category and Year that the required documents are available or not.
  • If the required documents are available, Proceed to make payment of Rs. 100
  • Once the payment is confirmed, Download option will be available in the MCA My Workspace page
  • Documents the Required documents and check all the details.


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