One Person Company (OPC) Registration in India

September 18, 2019

One Person Company (OPC) Registration is a type of Private Limited company in India where only One Individual person can register a Company in India as per the provisions of the Companies Act, 2013, One Person Company (OPC) is most suitable for persons who is the sole owner of the business and want to avail the benefits of Limited Liability. One Person Company is alternative to the sole proprietorship business entity. OPC is separate from its owner and he holds 100% shares in the Company. One Person Company should always have only 1 Shareholder and Can have more than one Directors. Normally the same person becomes the Director as well as Shareholder in One Person Company. If you are tech entrepreneur and wants to have 100% control of your business OPC is best suited for you.

Information required for One Person Company (OPC) Registration in India :

  1. Name of Proposed Company
  2. Name of Shareholder of Proposed Company
  3. Name of Nominee of Shareholder/Subscriber of the proposed company, it is mandatory
  4. Business Address of One Person Company (OPC)
  5. Name and Email id of Director, subscriber and Nominee

Documents required for One Person Company(OPC) Registration in India :

  1. PAN Card of Director, Subscriber and Nominee of the Company
  2. Aadhar Card of Director, Subscriber and Nominee of the company
  3. Latest Bank statement having Current Address mentioned on it (Not older than 2 Months)
  4. Photograph of Director, Subscriber and Nominee
  5.  Electricity Bill/telephone bill/Broadband Bill/ Gas bill of Registered Office Address of the Company
  6. Rent Agreement of Registered Office Address, if Property is Rented ( You may also provide Residential Property like you home Address )

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